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About Us

Our Team & Our Advisory Board

Our advisory board is currently composed of: 

  • Edwin Rekosh, Founder and Senior Advisor of PILnet, Lecturer at Columbia University School of Law

  • Louise Trubek, Emerita Clinical Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School

Where to find us

Address: Rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels

For general enquires: info@thegoodlobby.eu

For legal assistance for your  advocacy project or NGO: jesse@thegoodlobby.eu

eLabEurope / The Good Lobby‘s number in the EU Transparency Register is 308319527120-86
  • Alberto Alemanno
    Co-founder of The Good Lobby and Director
  • Lamin Khadar
    Co-founder of The Good Lobby and Partnerships Manager
  • Mariana Calvo
    Project Manager
  • Aurora Patera
    Communication Officer
  • Jesse Colzani
    Legal and Partnership Officer
  • Andrea Boccuni
    Head of Partnership and Education
  • Gianluca Sgueo
    Chief Blog Coordinator
  • Elena-Turci

The Good Lobby in a Nutshell

The Good Lobby (TGL) is a civic start-up operating across Europe and beyond. TGL is committed to giving voice to underrepresented public interests and bringing more citizens into the public policy process.

TGL promotes skill-sharing and cooperation among citizens with different professions, expertise and attitudes in order to foster assertive citizenship. TGL’s idea is that organisations working for civil society should have access to the necessary resources, and that citizens, regardless of their background or geographical location, should be able to start lobbying for the public good.

Since 2015, TGL has trained thousands of people across numerous countries, provided legal and strategic assistance to an ever-growing number of NGOs, and developed a community of more than 10,000 people across the globe

Why we do what we do

At TGL, we recognise that many people feel disenfranchised, removed from the policy process and unempowered.

We also observe that despite the best intentions, the different actors working for civil society in Europe are not properly connected.  Universities, NGOs, businesses, public institutions and think-tanks all operate in their own ways.  Moreover, it is no secret that many of those organisations working for the public good struggle to obtain the support needed to make them truly effective.

We believe that through engaging and educating all citizens in the policy process, in providing expertise and resources to NGOs, and in connecting those working for the public good, we can create a society of citizen lobbyists, and help preserve and strengthen civil society in Europe.

What do we do at The Good Lobby?

To achieve its goals, TGL engages in three primary areas of activity:

1. Education. We train students, professionals, activists, workers, academics and the general public in the most common lobbying techniques and strategies which can be applied in the EU public space.  

2. Networking. We promote engagement between citizens from different backgrounds, professions and with varying skills and  attitudes, in order to foster assertive citizenship and create productive coalitions and working groups.  

3. Matchmaking. We consider that organisations acting for the public good should have access to the same resources as their counterparts in the corporate world. In this regard, we link NGOs with legal and professional resources which they might otherwise lack, in order that the NGOs can best undertake desired legal projects and advocacy campaigns.

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