27 April 2020


Are Europe’s Health Ministers listening to us? If not, let’s raise our voices!

by The Good Lobby

In recent days, political debates have revolved around EU Member States’ coordination, or lack thereof, in transitioning into “Phase 2” of COVID-19 recovery. History is repeating itself. Each EU Member State is acting alone in determining its implementation of the next phases to manage the COVID-19 crisis – drawing parallels to countries’ initial reactions to the pandemic.

Entering “Phase 2” of the COVID-19 recovery program requires governments to meticulously plan and carefully manage the resources available to them to effectively address the health, economic, and social facets of this emergency. We believe this response and assessment would be more efficacious if conducted as a single, comprehensive effort between EU Member States.

The Good Lobby is working to draw attention to EU Member States’ lack of collective action. Alongside various pan-European partners, we recently sent a letter to the 27 Member States’ Health Ministers to present our demands that they harmonize to execute a sweeping and strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We simultaneously presented them our petition – signed by nearly 10,000 EU citizens – echoing the same sentiment. Thus far, we have received two formal replies from Sweden and Hungary.

We believe this reaction is not enough. We need you, our fellow citizens, to assist us in giving voice to this issue. Help us express our dissatisfaction by sending an avalanche of tweets to EU Health Ministers.

By clicking here, you will send a tweet to the Health Ministers of  Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal

By clicking here, you will send a tweet to the Health Ministers of Italy, Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia