Our Impact

We have offered capacity-building opportunities in 21 countries across the world, engaging with and upskilling more than  2,200 citizens, including disadvantaged groups, and professionals. We have organized workshops and training sessions in 26 cities engaging and empowering citizens and professionals.  

Currently, we have a rapidly growing group of followers of over 25,000 people who engage with us and our activities on a regular basis. Our network comprises more than 50 partner organizations, including NGOs, social entrepreneurs, companies, philanthropies, law firms and universities from all across the world. 

We nourish a network of like-minded people and organizations across Europe committed to increasing capacity for lobbying for change. Our newsletter audience currently gathers over 13,000 of subscribers including professionals, academics, lawyers, journalists, all committed to a better society. 

Our social media audience has grown by 100% in the last year to 12,000 people. The audience is distributed among Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. The number of yearly visits to our website from people who want to know more about us, actively participate in our activities, read our blog or download our tools for participation has reached almost 80,000 views. In the past editions of The Good Lobby Awards, we scouted approximately 500 projects from citizens, academics, professionals and NGOs that want to pursue the public good.

Over the past five years, we have been collecting more than 1.5 million signatures to fight against corruption through our campaigning activity. Thanks to our efforts, 5 anti-corruption laws have been approved on a national and EU level, including the latest EU regulation to protect whistle-blowers. 

To achieve these goals, we constantly rely on a vast network of almost 150 like-minded partner organizations that share our value system and often team up with us. Some of them include Action Aid, Ashoka, Transparency International, Libera contro le mafie and VoteWatch.